Monday, July 7, 2014

Slacker slacker slacker

Ok guys, I'm a total slacker at this blogging thing but that's ok because I'M BACK!  Not sure for how long but I'm back and wanted to update you on life lately.  So a lot has been going on around the Cash household the past few months and I am now the mother of an 8 month old!!!  How have 8 months gone by already?!?!?!  It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now he's crawling all over the place and pulling up on furniture like a pro.   Since I last posted Levi has been released from the specialist in regards to his head.  That means, NO HELMET FOR LITTLE MAN!  We are overjoyed that the plagiocephaly corrected itself without the intervention of a helmet.  The specialist still wants us to come back monthly to have his head measured to make sure his progress doesn't decline but as of right now he says that he is pleased with the way his head is looking/measuring and doesn't see any need for a cranial band.

In other news I've rejoined Weight Watchers!  I started back on November 12, 2013 and I'm pleased to say I've officially lost all 45 (yes, 45) pounds of baby weight! I'm going to continue on with the program and try to get down to a healthier goal weight so I'd love to use this blog as a way to share with you in my journey and struggle.  I've even started a daily food journal through instagram that you are welcome to check out if you're interested.  This is separate from my personal instagram and is all weight loss related.  That instagram username is wwlaurenlcash.  I'm also going to try and post healthy weight watchers recipes on here along with the old weight watchers posts I made back when I was on the program before (pre-pregnancy).  As embarrassed as I am to show you this, below is a picture to give you an idea of how much weight I've lost:

The picture on the left was taken a few weeks after Levi was born (it says October 2013 but I meant to put November 2013) and the picture on the right is from two weeks ago.  It's been tough but I am not giving up!  

Hope you guys are all doing well!  Lots of love from our family to yours!!!

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