Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello there second trimester!

Yesterday marked my first day in my second trimester (I'm now 14 weeks).  I haven't felt much like blogging lately because as many of you moms out there know, my energy level is at about a negative 10.  I'm hoping for the second trimester to bring with it lots of energy and a lot less nausea.  Two weeks ago I got to go check on baby Cash again to she how he/she is doing (I hate calling baby Cash an "it").  When they called me back to see the doctor, the sweet nurse pulled out the doppler machine to check the baby's heartbeat but for some reason they weren't able to find it.  I panicked.  She assured me, "Some women carry their babies pretty low so let me check and see if that's the case."  So she moved the doppler a little lower and tried to pick up the heartbeat.  With no luck she then said "Well some women carry their babies higher around this time so let me check up high."  Again, no luck.  She had a worried look on her face and called the doctor into the room.  My doctor then scheduled me to have an ultrasound right away.  Scared to death, they sent me back into the ultrasound room.  As soon as the ultrasound tech began working her magic, this is what I saw on the screen...

My very lively and healthy little peanut!!!  Or should I say peach?  (That's about the size of baby Cash this week).  Turns out the little rascal was just dodging the doppler machine....looks like he or she may have gotten a bit of Stephen's stubborness  :)
Baby Cash's heartbeat was 165bpm and he/she was wiggling around like crazy.  This week the baby is weighing in at a whopping 1 1/2 ounces and is measuring around 3 1/2 inches long.  Can't wait to hold that sweet baby in my arms.   6 more months to go!

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