Wednesday, May 15, 2013

16 Week Update

Yesterday was my 16 week appointment at the OBGYN and unlike last appointment, they were able to find Baby Cash's heartbeat on the first try!   I was overjoyed!  The sound of that little pitter pattering heartbeat was sweet music to my ears!  Baby's heartbeat was 149 bpm and doctor says my blood pressure and everything else is looking good.   healthy.  Well, except for gaining a little too much weight this appointment.  I was only supposed to gain 2 pounds last month but gained 4.  Time to cut back on the oreos.

Stephen started on Baby's nursery this week.  He moved all the furniture out and began painting and also ripped up the carpet and started installing hardwood (the same kind that we put in our living room.  You can see that post here.)  Here's a peek at what the nursery looked like before:

Can't wait to share the after pictures with you once we get it all finished!  Once we find out if baby Cash is a he or a she, the decorating will begin!  Only one more month till we know the gender!!!

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