Friday, February 1, 2013

Bathroom Mirror Makeover

When Stephen and I first moved in to Cashablanca we had lots of little projects we wanted to do to spruce it up a bit.  The first big project was the flooring and now that that's finished we have a lot of little projects still left to do.  This week we marked another project off of our to-do list:  Framing our guest bathroom mirror.  

Our house came with those standard builder grade mirrors and for some reason the mirror in our guest bathroom has these ugly  brown stains (it looks like it may be rust?)  Here is our bathroom mirror before:


See those pesky brown stains?  This borderline OCD housewife is not a fan.  So I put Stephen to work on fixing my mirror woes.  The first thing he did was measure the height and width of the mirror...then he headed out to Lowe's and bought some pieces of moulding.  Then the muscle work began...

Stephen cranked up the saw and got to work cutting the 4 pieces of wood down to size.  Once that was done he cut each end at a 45 degree angle so that the sides would fit together once we began the framing process.  Remember:  If you purchase unfinished wood and decide to paint it yourself, keep in mind that the mirror will reflect the back side of the moulding so be sure to paint it as well.  Once all the cuts were made, he glued the pieces to the mirror.  You can use a variety of different products to glue the mirror down with.  My suggestion is that you use either liquid nails or a white silicone to adhere it to the mirror.  Once you put the silicone onto the back of the wood, hold it FIRMLY into place for a few minutes.  In order to make sure your frame is secure, you may want to let the first piece of the frame dry for a few hours before you begin putting the other pieces of wood around it.   

Here's what our new bathroom mirror looks like after:


Sorry the pictures are low-quality (I used the camera on my phone)...but you get the idea. 

I'm so glad to have covered up those awful stains!  Mirror Upgrade is officially checked off the list!   So thankful for my handyman Stephen and his sweet, servant heart.  

Happy Friday friends!!!!

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  1. That looks fantastic!! I the the spots are from the manufacturer not going to the edge when silvering the mirror. Tell Stephen he did a great job!