Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tidy Tuesdays

Organization is something I'm passionate about.  I know that sounds super nerdy, but in my life being organized is essential.   Why you ask?  Well something you may not know about me is that I am diagnosed ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) so with that comes a life of chaos.  Growing up I would often lose or misplace things, so having a specific place for everything helped me stay focused and be able to access what I needed.   Now that I'm an adult, organizing has turned into something I love to do so I thought I'd share a tip with you guys each Tuesday (Tidy Tuesdays) that I use in my own life to keep things organized.  Hopefully this Tidy Tuesday thing will turn into a weekly post...unless of course my ADHD kicks in and I forget to.  With that being said, my tidy tip for this week is:

Keep a folder in your car for Restaurant Coupons.  

We all get those little flyers in the mail with restaurant coupons but often times they get lost, thrown away, or they expire because we forget all about them.  Something I've done that not only helps me keep track of my restaurant coupons but helps me save money is to put them inside a folder in my car so I have them when I'm out to eat.  All you need is a standard 3-ring binder (or 3-prong folder) and some clear sheet protectors.  Put the sheet protectors inside the rings of the binder and slide your coupons into the sheet protectors.  If you want to get really fancy and specific, you can put your coupons in alphabetical order or group them by food category (ie: Italian, Mexican, Fast Food, Breakfast, etc).  I typically just slide my coupons into a vacant sheet protector.  To keep my folder from getting cluttered, I go through it once a month and pull out the expired coupons and throw them away.  Here's what my folder looks like:

The front cover 

The inside pocket 
(This holds my "Enjoy the City" coupon book)

Sheet protectors with coupons inside

Well, that officially wraps up my very first "Tidy Tuesday" tip from Cashing in on Life!    What are some categories you'd like tips on in regards to organizing?  Comment below and let me know!

Have a terrific, tidy Tuesday friends!    

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  1. LOVE this weekly post idea! LOVE this post. I have the City coupon book in my car and never remember it. I'm sure they've all expired. Maybe making a cute notebook will inspire me to use it. I also keep a printout copy of phone numbers in my car - groups that I'm a part of (specifically my church women's group and our homeschool co-op) There's no way I can, or want to, have all those ladies' numbers in my phone, but occassionally I need one or someone calls me asking if I have a number. Even when I'm on the go, I can have access to the number. I slide the printed out list between the seat and console - right next to my phone book that I keep in the car. The phone book doesn't get used as often now that I have a smart phone. I'm sure it will be a thing of the past soon. The printed out list of numbers is handy because it has cell numbers on it that I can't get with my smart phone. Oh, and I don't type up the list. When someone emails out the updated list, I just print a few and put one in the car and the others in specific spots around the house.

    1. We should definitely go into business together Julie! I might even get you to do a "guest post" on the blog with some of your organizational ideas! I think we must be related somewhere down the line in our families. :)