Wednesday, December 12, 2012

M&M Turtles

Last night I spent some time making goodies for our Teen Moms Christmas party.  M&M Turtles are a favorite around my house so I thought I would share the recipe with you!

What you'll need:
  • 1 bag of pretzels (I used Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel squares
  • 1 bag of M&Ms (I used the red and green Christmas pack!)
  • 1 bag of Rolos (If you can find the Rolo minis, they work best, but normal size will do too!)

  1. Heat your oven on low.  On a baking sheet line up your pretzel squares in rows. 
  2. Place a rolo on top of each square (right side up) then place in oven until they become shiny (it only took about a minute or two for mine)
  3. Remove your Rolo pretzels from the oven and gently place an M&M on top, pressing down on top of the rolo.
  4. Let turtles cool completely and serve! 

So easy you can even get the kids involved in helping!  Enjoy!

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