Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clancy Update

Well, we've officially had our sweet Clancy girl for 3 weeks and she has already added so much joy to our lives.  Most of the cats I've known in my lifetime have always been skiddish and weren't really a fan of people, but Clancy is quite the opposite.  She is an extremely calm cat who loves to cuddle up in your lap and let you rub under her chin and belly.  She is a nuzzler too and is a fan of giving kisses!  

Clancy in her favorite spot...under the Christmas tree!

After a little research we have determined that she's an American Short Hair cat and is probably a little over a year old.  She is a very vocal cat and will talk to you all day long (she gets it from me), and Stephen recently taught her how to sit on command!  She is one smart kitty!!!

 We finally had her spayed and got her vaccinations this week, so she's well on her way to being in tip top condition!

Clancy after her surgery...she's not a fan of the e-collar!

Sound asleep in her bed

I'm quickly turning into a cat lover!  

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  1. Oh no! Not the cone! I always feel so bad for animals when they have to wear it, especially when they are so small. Our dog had to wear one of those too. Such a cute kitty, glad you found her!


  2. let us know if you need a kitty sitter. Kaitlyn is loving cats right now, but we can't get one. Christopher is allergic and I refuse, plus we have our snobby dog to consider. Kaitlyn has read about chatty kitties and thinks she would like one of those.