Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Laugh a Little

Well, yesterday was a pretty big day for America and it seems like everyone on my facebook newsfeed has an opinion about it.  I'm not a very political person so I'll spare you my mumbo jumbo, but I do want to say one thing....chill out people.  Seriously.  There is no need for all of that trash talk.  With that being said, here are a few funnies to help get your mind off the stress of post election day...

Well played KFC...well played.

Werk it...

I hate when that happens...

I've had a few of these moments...


Hope you're laughing your way through Wednesday!!!

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  1. Haha those are great! My facebook newsfeed was blowing up too! Why can't we all be friends?!

    1. I know right?? Some people just need to take a chill pill. haha.

  2. I'd bet money that the kids in the "Werk it" picture are homeschooled.