Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

It was a somber Saturday night at the Cash residence.  Our arch nemesis Lefty (the mouse) met his untimely death on a sticky pad in the guest bathroom of Cashablanca.  Now that we've finally gotten rid of him, we are hoping and praying that his little mice friends don't come to avenge his death.  Now that Lefty is gone, Stephen and I have begun cleaning and sanitizing our house like crazy.  If you've ever had a mouse in your home you know that with these pesky creatures comes lots of poop.  Lots and lots of poop.  Sorry for the harsh language...I mean "droppings."  But this little mouse didn't "drop" anything...he unloaded an arsenal of mini-poop bombs all over our house.  We thought he was just camping out in the guest bathroom, but we have since discovered his little "presents" all over the place.  Including our guest bedroom.  I guess Lefty thought he'd checked into the Holiday Inn or something.  So we've stripped all the beds and linens and sanitized the carpets and floors along with everything we think he may have touched.

Here's where the story takes an unexpected turn.

Saturday night as Stephen and I begin cleaning and laundering the poop infested linens, I somehow managed to overload the washing machine with pillows.  Not knowing this, I went about continuing to clean the house.  About fifteen minutes later I needed some cleaning supplies from the laundry room so I headed back in there to get them.  As I was walking through the kitchen (our laundry room adjoins our kitchen), I felt a splash under my feet.  Thinking it was probably melted ice, I squatted down to clean it up but noticed it wasn't just a puddle...there was water EVERYWHERE.  It was pouring from underneath the laundry room door and had flooded not only the laundry room but half of the kitchen.  I yelled hysterically for backup, and Stephen came running in to help.  Being the level headed one of the bunch, he got the washing machine turned off and ran to get the Shop Vac.  After an hour and a half of clean up we finally got the place back to normal.

We have had quite an eventful first month of marriage in the Cash household and through it all I know that the Lord is trying to teach me day by day.  What exactly is He trying to teach me?  I'm still figuring that all out.  Maybe it's that no matter how hard I try to control things, there are circumstances in life that are beyond my control and I have to learn to release that desire to have things the way I like them.  Maybe it's that I've got to lighten up a little and quit worrying over the trivial things in life.  Whatever it is, I trust that He is using it to make me the godly woman I'm to be.  My mother used to tell me all the time "don't sweat the small stuff Lauren...and remember, it's all small stuff."  Even when you're panic stricken over mouse poop and wading knee deep in our laundry room lagoon...God is bigger than all that small stuff.  :)

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