Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY: Driftwood Starburst Mirror

I've recently found a love for driftwood home accents...

Adorable reindeer & stars from Pottery Barn Kids                     Side table from Crate & Barrell


I think this new obsession goes back to when I was a child at the beach.  Me and my Paw Paw (my grandfather) would take walks on the beach and pick up seashells and pieces of driftwood we found along our route.  Well, while on our honeymoon to St. Simons Island (mentioned in previous post)  Stephen and I hit the jackpot on driftwood.  It was EVERYWHERE! 

So last night as I was perusing the web to find inspiration for a project I could do with the driftwood, I came across this beauty on Etsy...

ArtworkbyBre Etsy Shop

Pretty amazing huh?  Well I decided to recreate it using my souvenirs from the Atlantic coast.
Here are the supplies you'll need if you'd like to create your own:
  • Driftwood pieces (Twigs & branches could also work for a rustic look)
  • A round mirror (I bought mine at Michael's for $2.99)
  • A round wooden circle (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $2)
  • Super glue or any other strong glue (I used E6000)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sawtooth picture hanger (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.47)
  • Hammer
Step 1:  Rinse your driftwood pieces in water and allow them to air dry. This step will help the wood to stay on the mirror better once you glue the pieces down. 

Step 2:  Using your ruler and pencil, measure and mark the center of your wood.  This is where your sawtooth hanger will be attached.  (Yes that's a Garfield ruler, don't judge me.)

Step 3: Take your sawtooth hanger and center it on the pencil mark/line you just made.  Using your hammer, drive both sides of the sawtooth hanger into the wood using the nails it came with.

Step 4:  Flip the wooden circle over and glue your round mirror in the center of the wood using super glue.  I used E6000 for an extra firm hold.

Step 5:  Sort through your pieces of driftwood, separating the long ones from the short ones.  Once you finish, arrange your driftwood around the mirror, alternating the long and short pieces. 

Step 6:  Hot glue the pieces of wood to the mirror.  Some of the thicker pieces of driftwood may require reinforcement using super glue as well. 

Step 7:  Find the perfect spot to hang your masterpiece!

I think she turned out pretty cute!

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  1. Haha I recognized the Garfield ruler straightaway.

    Gorgeous mirror

    1. Glad you liked the throwback Garfield Janelle!!! I think I've had that thing since Kindergarten...can you say hoarder?? haha.

  2. Super cute! I have recently found a love for driftwood myself, I'm definitely going to have to do this too. Thanks!