Friday, October 26, 2012

An Unexpected Guest

Two days ago Cashablanca received an unexpected guest of the rodent persuasion.  If you know me, you know that I'm a bit of a clean freak so knowing there's a mouse in the house is slowly driving me nuts.  Wednesday night after church Stephen went to the store and bought mouse traps, sticky pads, and poison and went to work on his foiled plot to catch that little rascal.

The first night passed with no success of our own, but that weasel managed to pull a fast one over on us and take the bait from one of the traps.  Real smooth buddy, real smooth.

Skip on over to last night.  At about 1:30 I woke up out of a dead sleep to the sound of a trap snapping in the other room.  I laid there for a while debating whether or not to wake Stephen up but after about 5 minutes of playing scenarios in my mind of mice climbing up in the bed with me I decided it would be best if I shook him from his peaceful slumber.

Me:  "Stephen, I think I heard the mouse trap snap."
Stephen: "Ok." (rolls over to go back to sleep)
Me:  "I hope he doesn't get out of the trap and come in our bedroom."
Stephen: "Would it make you feel better if I went and checked the traps?"
Me:  "Yes please."
So Stephen lovingly hops out of bed with his flashlight to brave the battlefield.  Knowing something is about to go down, I sat up in the bed to listen...

Stephen: (excitedly yells from the other room) "We got one!"
Me:  "Is he dead?"
Stephen:  "Nope.  Still alive.  Caught him by his tail."
Me:  "Are you gonna kill him?"  
Stephen:  "UgghhAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"  (crashing noises ensue)
Stephen:  "He got out!  He got out!!!!  That joker is fast!"
Me:  (slowly having a heart attack as I imagined the mouse jumping into bed with me)              "CLOSE THE BEDROOM DOOR QUICK!!!!"

After 10 minutes of searching with no luck, Stephen finally gave up on finding Lefty (yep, we named him).  He's probably having a house party at Cashablanca with all his little mice friends as we speak.  I envision them all sitting around playing poker, eating up our groceries, laughing as Lefty re-tells the story...

Lefty: "You should've heard that guy squeal!  I really gave him a good scare.  Those humans don't stand a chance against me." 

I too have been laughing all morning thinking about hearing Stephen shriek.  I wish you guys could've heard it.  It was probably one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.  We seriously need our own reality show.  Hopefully we will bring down Lefty sooner rather than later...stay tuned in for the latest.

Mouse-1, Stephen-0

Let the Hunger games begin...

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